L'École des Mémoires

The 'École des Mémoires' ('School of Memories') is a project set up by the association Mémoires et Partages. According to its website, the '"École des Mémoires" aims to respond to the fractured memories caused by the violence of globalisation. The goal of the school is to create a new humanism, or a new kind of consciousness. The humanism of the twenty-first century requires the invention of new forms of learning and teaching about the history of mankind'.

The objectives of the 'École des Mémoires' are as follows:

  • To organise 'Memory Residences' for pupils, students, artists, researchers and teachers throughout the world
  • To award scholarships to young European, African, Caribbean, American and Pacific Islander students, allowing them to study and share in peace the history and memory of the relations between Africa and the world
  • To develop and disseminate educational tools and materials, as well as delivering educational and memory-sharing workshops, in connection with National Education, grassroots education, local events, neighbourhood associations, etc
  • To create a resource centre focused on the research, collection and preservation of records, documents, works and testimonies in order to make them available to researchers, historians, teachers, doctors, artists, etc
  • To identify, recognise and preserve sites of memory linked to the slave trade, slavery and colonialism, in collaboration with concerned local, national and international institutions.
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