Concert Rézonans Kréol

On 24th February 2007, the association Chants de Canne organised the concert Rézonans Kréol in Saint Denis, a Parisian suburb.

Exhibition: "Abolition of Slavery: Myths and Creole Realities"

During the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in 1998, an exhibition was organised by the Comité des fêtes du 5e arrondissement and the Centre culturel du Panthéon, with the support of the association Réalités Créoles and the Association pour le Rayonnement de l’Identité Culturelle des Français d’Outre-Mer. The exhibition was called 'Abolition de l'esclavage: mythes et réalités créoles' ('Abolition of Slavery: Myths and Creole Realities') and took place from 4th April to 20th May in Paris.

Gospel Fire choir

Gospel Fire is a gospel choir founded in 2005 by the French-Camerounian Emmanuel Mbea, known as Melek, president of the association Intégration, Développement et Culture (IDC). This association and its choir participates notably in the week commemorating slavery in Noisy-le-Grand. The choir is now composed of twenty singers of African, Caribbean and European origin, performing at concerts or other cultural events in the region of Paris and in Province.

Commemoration for the victims of colonial slavery

Since 11 May 2014, the Association Mémoires Ultramarines (A.M.C.) has organised a commemoration for the victims of colonial slavery in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. The theme of the first event was entitled 'The consequences of slavery for Antillean women' with the guest of honour being Patrick Karam, the president of the  (CREFOM) and regional advisor for the Île-de-France region. 

Danse festival in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

On 29 October 2011, the Association Mémoires Ultramarines (A.M.C.) organised the first 'Festival de danses quadrille et haute taille' (Quadrille and haute taille danse festival) (traditional danses from Martinique) in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, with an introductory workshop followed by a gala evening. The A.M.C.

Fondation Aimé Césaire

The Fondation Aimé Césaire is a project set up by the Institut Aimé Césaire des Lettres et des Arts des Amériques et de l’Afrique. This foundation is still in the process of creation. It is dedicated to valorising and transmitting the memory and work of Aimé Césaire in all its guises.

The actions of the Fondation Aimé Césaire concern the following principle elements: