Fondation Aimé Césaire

The Fondation Aimé Césaire is a project set up by the Institut Aimé Césaire des Lettres et des Arts des Amériques et de l’Afrique. This foundation is still in the process of creation. It is dedicated to valorising and transmitting the memory and work of Aimé Césaire in all its guises.

The actions of the Fondation Aimé Césaire concern the following principle elements:

Centre de Ressources Françoise vergès

Le Centre de Ressources Françoise Vergès (CRFV) is an inititive created by the Collectif Un passé trop présent. This project sets out to create a resource centre focused on slavery and the slave trade in Fontenay-sous-Bois. The purpose of this centre is to aid access to quality information relating to the slave trade and slavery and to provide a space for reflexion, dialogue and discussion. It's aim is to fight against prejudice while promoting social harmony.

Days of Memories in Montauban

Since 2014, the association Esclavage, Mémoires Présentes organises the "Days of Memories" in the city of Montauban (Midi-Pyrénées). During this event, which lasts for about a month, conferences, exhibitions, readings and film screenings on the subject of slavery and the slave trade are organised.

Guided Tour: "Bordeaux Nègre"

The guided tour 'Bordeaux nègre' (Negro Bordeaux) was designed by Karfa Diallo, a writer and poet from Bordeaux, and president of the association Mémoires et Partages. This alternative touristic tour recalls the slave heritage of the city of Bordeaux with reference to its architecture and history.

L'École des Mémoires

The 'École des Mémoires' ('School of Memories') is a project set up by the association Mémoires et Partages. According to its website, the '"École des Mémoires" aims to respond to the fractured memories caused by the violence of globalisation. The goal of the school is to create a new humanism, or a new kind of consciousness.

Exhibition: L’ombre du silence ou l’esclavage au rythme de l’histoire 1625-1848

Organised by the association bearing the same name, the exhibition 'L’ombre du silence ou l’esclavage au rythme de l’histoire 1625-1848' ('The shadow of silence, or the historical evolution of slavery 1625-1848') has been on tour since 1994. Composed of 36 panels, it focuses on three centuries of slavery and the slave trade.

The exhibition is currently available for rent.

More information about the exhibition is available on its website.

Festival "Un passé trop présent"

The festival 'Un passé trop présent' ('An all too present past') is organised by the undeclared Collectif Un passé trop présent in Fontenay-Sous-Bois (a town on the outskirts of Paris, Ile-de-France). Organised around 10th May, the festival focuses on the commemoration of slavery and runs for about two weeks from late April to mid-May. May 10th is France's national day for commemorating slavery, the slave trade and their abolitions. During this period, the group, assisted by other associations, organises conferences, debates, poetry contests, dancing, etc.