Mémoires et Partages

President / Director: 
Karfa Sira Diallo
Cinéma Utopia
5 Place Camille Jullian
33 000 Bordeaux
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International: +33 5 56 29 18 63 (landline); National: 05 56 29 18 63 (landline)
Registration date: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Registration details: 

Registration details can be found in the Journal Officiel.

Defence of Citizen Rights
Social justice
International A large-scale organization or association recognized both nationally and internationally, and with branches in multiple countries.
Historical overview: 

The association Mémoires et Partages comes from the joint efforts of DiversCités and the Association de Préfiguration de la Fondation du Mémorial de la Traite des Noirs, who worked from 1998 to 2015 for the defense and rehabilitation of the memory of the slave trade and slavery in Bordeaux. Created by Karfa Diallo, Mémoires et Partages is based in France and Senegal (2, Independence Square, Building HIDS , BP 23269 DAKAR PONTY).

Notably, the association organises 'Bordeaux Nègre', a series of tours in Bordeaux that stops at six places that were involved in the slave trade, as well as numerous exhibitions.

Summary of objectives: 

In 2006, the objective of Mémoires et Partages was to encourage reflection upon, and to study the technical, legal and financial arrangements that would be needed for the creation of a European foundation for the construction and implementation of a memorial to the slaves in Bordeaux.

In 2015, Mémoires et Partages added to its objectives:

  • To promote peaceful memory work around the legacies of colonialism at a local, national and international level
  • To develop the concept of memory dialogue
  • To value memorial governance through local, national and international public policies
  • To defend the link between memory and development strategies
  • To remember that first form of globalisation was the slave trade and acknowledge its consequences: colonisation, slavery, exploitation, immigration and racism, and develop a new type of humanism that recognises and promotes the contribution of the African diasporas to building a world of freedom and rights
  • To promote regional and continental integration, in particular through cultural and social activities
  • To encourage the recognition by all states that the slave trade and slavery are crimes against humanity
  • To fight against contemporary forms of slavery
  • To valorise historical heritage through cultural, artistic and scientific events
  • To carry out collective and proactive actions, whether temporary or permanent, to raise awareness about topics and social issues such as education, culture, sharing and social dialogue among the general public.
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