Colloque 2006: Reparations for slavery

This conference on reparations for slavery, co-organized by the Association Racines and the Association Guadeloupéenne pour la recherche en histoire du droit et des institutions d’outre-mer (GREHDIOM) under the patronage of the UNESCO, was held on 16-17 of December 2006 at the Cité des Métiers in the Abymes, Guadeloupe. Numerous discussions and debates were had around the question of reparations and the Taubira law.

The conference is presented by its organizers as follows:

'This conference assumes the validity of reparations as an epistemological object and will seek, through studies into the slave system and its continuation, to evaluate its application to the crime of slavery. The question of reparations for slavery is resolutely invested in the scientific and transdisciplinary approach of the humanities, and forms part of our continuity into the present through the history of ideas and the deterministic, interrogative or contradictory analyses conducted by political science, law, economics, philosophy, history, sociology, social psychology, and not least victimology. The conference will examine a very particular law that, on the one hand, removes the punishment from the crime, while on the other eliminates any mechanism for assessing the damage caused by this crime, having excluded the question of reparations (or rather what such a question raises in terms of national identity and tensions) from the legal framework of our society. In order to oppose the dismissal of social positioning, and because denial solves nothing about ethics or subjectivity, this conference focuses on the opportunity and authentication of the questions raised by reparations for slavery'.

Start date: 
2006CE Dec 16th
A conference was held on the 16th and 17th December 2006