(Non-)Participation in 10 May ceremony

The Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie has attempted on a number of occasion to participate in France's national day for remembering the slave trade, slavery and their abolition, which has taken place each year since 2006 on 10 May. On 10 May 2011, under Sarkozy, the Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie was forcibly expelled by police from the Jardin du Luxembourg. Their t-shirts, bearing the iconic black and white logo of the association, were cited as the reason for this eviction, which was interpreted by Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie as a clear act of police discrimination that can be linked to the wider issue of the police and racial profiling. While they were allowed access in 2012 (where their t-shirts caused no 'offense'), they were once again refused entry prior to Hollande's public address on 10 May 2013 despite being in possession of their formal invitations. According to an interview with the association, orders 'from above' had been given to the police to prevent the Collectif from participating in events, resulting in a number of their members being arrested and held without sufficient explanation as to why. The Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie intend to submit a formal complaint relating to these events.


Start date: 
2011CE May 10th