Collectif Non à Guerlain! Non à la Négrophobie! Collectif Anti-Négrophobie

Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie
President / Director: 
Franco Lollia
Maison des Associations du XIe chez Total Respect Tiembé Raid
8, avenue du Général Renault
75011 Paris
Registration date: 
Thursday, February 24, 2011
Registration details: 

Details concerning the registration of the Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie can be found in the Journal Officiel.

Defence of Citizen Rights
Social justice
Historical overview: 

The Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie is an association that has emerged out of a number of socio-political events that occurred in 2005. These include a series of fires in Paris that destroyed the homes and lives of mostly African immigrant families, and highlighted their precarious and impoverished living conditions, as well as the deaths of Bouna Traoré and Zyed Benna (27 October 2005), who died in a electricity substation after trying to flee from the police, which led to widespread demonstrations and acts of citizen unrest across France throughout November 2005. For members of the Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie, these events (and many more besides) demonstrate the state's failure to defend basic citizen rights. In October 2010, Jean-Paul Guerlain (the last master perfumer of the Guerlain dynasty) was accused of racism after he stated, during a TV interview on the creation of Samsara (France 2), that 'For once, I set to work like a nigger. I don’t know if niggers have always worked like that, but anyway...'. This event was the impetus for the creation of the Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie as a movement in defence of human rights and republican values, notably where those citizens who are racialized as black are concerned. Its initial act in 2010 was to demonstrate in front of Guerlain's flagship store in the Champs-Élysées, with demonstrators wearing the iconic black and white t-shirts bearing the Brigade Anti-Négrophobie logo. These highly visible public demonstrations, and the media attention they attracted, not only succeeded in damaging Guerlain's international reputation, but also led to the decision not to open a Guerlain store in Montpellier. Since then, the Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie has actively worked to denounce and demonstrate against any instances of public racism (see Actions), and frequently takes part in commemorative events relating to 10 May, France's national day for remembering the slave trade, slavery and their abolitions. Their presence at this official event - designed as a silent demonstration - was not tolerated by the police and resulted in both 2012 and 2014 in their expulsion from the Jardin du Luxembourg

Summary of objectives: 

The objectives of the Collectif/Brigade Anti-Négrophobie include the following:

  • To defend human rights and the republican values that are rooted in the French Revolution and in resistance.
  • To coordinate and perpetuate activism born out of indignation relating to acts of racism and negrophobia, notably the words of Jean-Paul Guerlain in 2010, in this case by ensuring that the Guerlain Perfume House and the LVMH group to which it belongs adequately address these words and their repurcussions.
  • More broadly, to organize, coordinate and fight against the negrophobia and mixophobia that lies at the heart of French society.
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