'Dédiscrimination' (Cifordom): Actions against positive discrimination, anonymous CVs and housing

In 2007, the president of the Centre d’Information, Formation, Recherche et Développement pour les Originaires d’Outre-Mer (Cifordom)  was appointed as a member of the Council of Equal Opportunities (Conseil de l’Égalité des chances) for the Regional Council of Ile-de-France where he defended the concept of 'dédiscrimination' and affirmed his opposition to the idea of positive discrimination and the anonymous CV (put in place to mitigate against the threat of societal racism posed by employers who rejected CVs with non-'French' names). The concept of 'dédiscrimination' developed by Cifordom is underpinned by the need to accept, as opposed to hiding, differences and by the desire to promote harmonious living. Cifordom's actions against positive discrimination and anonymity derive from their refusal to allow differences to serve as a pretext for unequal relations. For Cifordom, all forms of discrimination need to be challenged in order to make deep social changes within educational, administrative, cultural, sport and economic sectors. Via its president, Cifordom was called to sign a convention to fight against the discriminatory practices that French citizens from the overseas departments face in their attempts to access housing. 

Start date: 
The signing of the convention was part of the preparation for an interministerial delegation on equal opportunities