Les Anneaux de la Fraternité - le Bateau Pédagogique

President / Director: 
Dieudonné Boutrin
7 Rue Jacques Cartier
44300 Nantes
International: +33 2 40 94 58 39 (landline); National: 02 40 94 58 39 (landline)
Registration date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Registration details: 

Registration details can be found in the Journal Officiel.

Regional/local: A smaller organization or association focused on local/regional activities.
Historical overview: 

Les Anneaux de la Fraternité - le Bateau Pédagogique is a Nantes-based association that is involved in the construction of a replica of the Aurore, a slave ship from the eighteenth century. This replica has a pedagogical function, as it will welcome school groups and educate them about slavery and the slave trade. As a traveling cultural platform, the Bateau Pédogogique can be dismantled and will stop in the cities that have been marked by slavery.

The ship's construction project, renamed 'Fraternité - le Bateau pédagogique', was originally initiated by the association Métisse à Nantes and was then led by Les Anneaux de la Fraternité.

The 'Pavillon de la fraternité' was one of the first stages of the project and was inaugurated in Nantes on 29th September 2012. It aims to be a place for meeting together and providing information, and contains a presentation of the first draft of the construction project of the ship.

Summary of objectives: 

The objectives of the Bateau Pédagogique are as follows:

  • To promote the history of mixed cultures through education and pedagogy
  • To encourage the teaching of various cultural characteristics and the history of the slave trade
  • To promote generational and community diversity
  • To improve social cohesion, and act and fight against exclusion, discrimination and contemporary forms of slavery
  • To develop connections between associations for the development of joint projects related to the objectives of the association.
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