Comité Traite Négrière/ Esclavage

Maison des Associations
6 bis, rue Berthe-de-Boisieux
38000 Grenoble
International: +33 4 76 87 59 79 (landline) or +33 7 62 13 61 15 (mobile); National: 04 76 87 59 79 (landline) or 07 62 13 61 15 (mobile)
Registration date: 
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Registration details: 

Registration details can be found in the Journal Officiel.

Defence of Citizen Rights
Social justice
Regional/local: A smaller organization or association focused on local/regional activities.
Historical overview: 

Originating from a group of associations in 2003, then becoming an association in 2005, the Comité Traite négrière / Esclavage (Committee Slave Trade / Slavery) is composed of citizens and activist associations (Afric'Impact, CADTM Grenoble, CIIP, Survie Isère).

The association has various means of action:

  • The organisation of an annual « Rencontres sur la Traite négrière et l’esclavage” (meetings on the slave trade and slavery) around the date of May the 10th, which has become the national day of remembrance of the slave trade, slavery and their abolition since the Taubira law. (Films, debates, animations, walking to the sound of drums, trips, concerts, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Interventions in schools, libraries, bookstores ...
  • Mobilisation against all “Negrophobic” events or works

(Source: website of the CTNE)

Summary of objectives: 
  • To develop rememberance and information about the crimes against humanity that were the slave trade and slavery, as well as their impact and their consequences until today through various means: meetings, forums, exhibitions, awareness campaigns for a wide audience
  • To rehabilitate the memory of these crimes against humanity, not as a starting point or an end but as a bridge between the past and the present
  • To reflect and act on the consequences of this disastrous page of history in our societies today: racism in general and particularly negrophobia, Afro-pessimism, amnesia, relativism ...
  • To contribute to the emergence of more egalitarian and unprejudiced relationships between France and Africa, France and its "oversea departments", black and white people
Memorial project
Memories of slavery
Slave ancestry
Social justice
Taubira law (2001)