Symposium on Reparations: Guadeloupe

In 2011, the Mouvement International pour les Réparations (MIR) organised a symposium on reparations in Guadeloupe in collaboration with the Comité International des Peuples Noirs (CIPN) and the association Racines. The aims of the symposium were to identify development strategies based on reparations for peoples of African origin. The symposium came to a number of conclusions affirming that:

  1. The principle of reparation, which is recognized by the international courts, is a non-negotiable demand that can be made without temporal restrictions
  2. The French state must reimburse Haiti for the 'ransom for independence' that it was forced to pay in recognition for its independence from French rule in 1804, amounting to 22 billion dollars today
  3. The French State must take the necessary steps to ensure that transportation costs are fixed at a reasonable price to facilitate links between African descendants and the African continent from which they were deported
  4. The French State must pay an unconditional fee to its overseas departments relating to the material and moral consequences that have arisen as a result of its crimes against humanity
  5. The French State must take responsibility for the costs involved in changing the humiliating names given to deported African descendants
  6. Negotiations between representatives of the Afro-descendant community and the French State are opened in order to determine the means by which compensation can be provided to address the social, economic and cultural impacts of this crime against humanity
  7. French electoral candidates and other parliamentarians take these demands forward by presenting them before other European states to ensure that laws similar to the Taubira law (2001) are promulgated in all former slave-trading nations.
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2011CE Jul 17th
A series of statements were issued as a result of the symposium aiming to create solidarity around the question of reparations.