An end to racism: Cifordom's petition to Hollande

In response to the emergence of many high-profile incidents of racial hatred relating to the French Minister for Justice, Christiane Taubira, on 17 July 2014, the association Centre d’Information, Formation, Recherche et Développement pour les Originaires d’Outre-Mer (Cifordom) submitted a petition with over 600 signatures to the French president, François Hollande, in support of a document entitled 'A Genuine Plan to End Racism' ('Un veritable plan pour en finir avec le racism'). The petition calls for the Pleven law (1972) that deals with racism as an offence to be fully applied so that political and public figures become more accountable for acts of racism. While the penalities for such acts are often ignored, the petition call for their fully implementation, including the use of fines and imprisonment, and for the temporary or permanent banning of publications, newspapers and magazines that are found guilty of inciting racial hatred.

Start date: 
2014CE Jul 17th