Descendants d’esclaves noirs : à nous la parole !

According to the website of the Association des descendants d’esclaves noirs et de leurs amis (ADEN 94), after the publication of the book entitled Les Traites négrières coloniales. Histoire d'un crime (a collective text by Marcel Dorigny and Max-Jean Zins that brings together the papers presented during a meeting held in Dakar and Gorée Island at the end of 2007), ADEN 94 embarks upon a new adventure: to give voice to the descendants of black slaves through sixty filmed interviews.

This project aims to fight against racism, to replace the dark memory of the slave trade with positive human interactions, to give a voice to those whose history has too often been hidden (including being excluded from school textbooks), and to restore the dignity of men and women whose origins and culture have been taken away, and to do so while preserving the memory of the black slaves and their descendants.

This collection of interviews will result in an illustrated book of documents and photos, accompanied by a DVD.

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