Court summons before the Crown Court (Fort-de-France): Reparations for Slavery

In 2005, the Mouvement International pour les Réparations (MIR) in collaboration with Conseil Mondial de la Diaspora Pan-Africaine submitted a summons for the French State to appear before the Crown Court in Fort-de-France (Martinique). Their case for reparations was based on the initial proposal of the Taubira law (1998) that recognized the role and responsibility of the French State in having organized the deportation and enslavement African peoples, as well as the original Article 5 that called for a committee of experts to be charged with determining the prejudice suffered and the reparations due as a result of these legally-defined crimes against humanity. The summons called for the creation of such a committee (including historians, sociologists, economists, jurists and financial analysts) to analyse the material, economic and financial prejudice relating to slavery and the slave trade, while taking into account the psychological damage inflicted upon the descendants of the victims of slavery and the setbacks suffered by Martiniquais society in terms of its socio-economic development.



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2005CE May 23rd