Call for Unity: 10th May 2014

In 2014, several associations including the Mouvement International pour les Réparations (MIR), the Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires de France (CRAN) and the Collectif Un Passé Trop Présent signed a call for unity asking for the 10th May 2014 to focus on reparations and for a real debate on reparation policy. A rally took place on the 10th May 2014 in Place Edmond Rostand.

Konvwa pou réparasyon (Convoi pour les réparations): March for Reparations

Since 2001, the Mouvement International pour les Réparations (MIR) has organized an annual 'Konvwa pou réparasyon' (Reparations march) in Martinique that takes place just after 10 May commemoration (France's national day for remembering slavery, the slave trade and their abolitions) and leads up to Martinique's national holiday on 22 May during which they recall the slave uprisings that preempted the arrival of the abolition decree in 1848.

Colloquium: 'Crimes contre l’humanité et réparations. Regards croisés'

On 4th May 2015, the Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires (CRAN), the Ligue Internationale contre le Racisme et l'Antisémitisme (LICRA) et the Musée de l’immigration organised a colloquium entitled 'Crimes against humanity and reparations.

'Dédiscrimination' (Cifordom): Actions against positive discrimination, anonymous CVs and housing

In 2007, the president of the Centre d’Information, Formation, Recherche et Développement pour les Originaires d’Outre-Mer (Cifordom)  was appointed as a member of the Council of Equal Opportunities (Conseil de l’Égalité des chances) for the Regional Council of Ile-de-France where he defended the concept of 'dédiscrimination' and affirmed his opposition to the idea of positive discrimination and the anonymous CV (put in place to mitigate against the threat of societal racism posed by employers who rejected CVs with non