Konvwa pou réparasyon (Convoi pour les réparations): March for Reparations

Since 2001, the Mouvement International pour les Réparations (MIR) has organized an annual 'Konvwa pou réparasyon' (Reparations march) in Martinique that takes place just after 10 May commemoration (France's national day for remembering slavery, the slave trade and their abolitions) and leads up to Martinique's national holiday on 22 May during which they recall the slave uprisings that preempted the arrival of the abolition decree in 1848. Each year, the Konvwa is given a different theme and takes place over several days, dividing the march into different stages that link significant locations within Martinique. It begins in Sainte-Anne (home to its organizer, Garcin Malsa, the former mayor of Sainte-Anne) and finishes in Prêcheur, a symbolic site known for its slave revolts. This gathering has been growing in numbers since its inception and offers participants the opportunity to gather together, honour their slave ancestors and discuss the subject of reparations as a form of psychological self-repair and social healing. In 2016, they invited the South African musician, China Phashe to speak at a conference associated with their Konvwa.

Start date: 
2001CE May 13th
The 'Konvwa pou réparasyon' continues to grow in number each year