Statue of Joseph Ignace - Les Abymes

Jacky Poulier
Boulevard des Héros
97110 Pointe-à-Pitre
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Created by the Guadeloupian sculptor Jacky Poulier, this statue represents Joseph Ignace, a fighter who rallied Victor Hugues. At his side, he opposed the English and was promoted Commandant. Opposed to slavery well before the first abolition of 1794, he was also an ardent supporter of the independence of Guadeloupe. Ignatius died in action with his companions on the 25th of May 1802, while fighting against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte. Joining forces with Delgrès, he settled in the Abymes and was defeated by the powerful artillery of the Pelage on the 25th of May 1802, as he was defending the Fort of Baimbridge. The statue of Joseph Ignace was inaugurated by the CIPN and the city of the Abymes on the 22nd of May 1998.
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