President / Director: 
Dominique SOPO
51, avenue de Flandre
75019 Paris
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International: +33 1 40 35 36 55 (landline); National: 01 40 35 36 55 (landline)
Registration date: 
Friday, October 20, 2000
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Registration details can be found in the Journal Officiel.

France focused
Social justice
Regional/local: A smaller organization or association focused on local/regional activities.
Historical overview: 

Founded in 1984, SOS Racisme is a national association against racism, antisemitism and discrimination. Its slogan is “Touche pas à mon pote » (Hands off my buddy).

Created in the aftermath of massive citizen mobilisations, with the will to promote equal rights, SOS Racisme has developed throughout the French territory and has a strong influence on the civil society and French politics.

For over 30 years, the association promotes "living together" in a Republican tradition. The association has never ceased to challenge social issues, to question, to propose actions and to demonstrate for the construction of a mixed Republic, turning its back on the far right and the "communitarian" conception of the fight against racism. It is opposed to racist and xenophobic hatred and defends the ideal of a society in which everyone can access equal dignity by joining their efforts against the far right movements, communitarism or fundamentalism.

Its main means of action are the law, education and culture.

Summary of objectives: 
  • To help undertake any humanitarian action likely to solve the problems caused by racism
  • To develop national campaigns for education and the fight against racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination and ghettos
  • To pursue all actions for the development of citizenship and the republican values ​​of freedom, equality, fraternity and tolerance; in particular, the association informs foreigners about the conditions for the exercise and protection of their rights; as such, the association fights for the recognition and respect of these rights, on the basis of the international implementations for the protection of human rights and the French constitution
  • To promote and defend the secular ideal
  • To provide help and support to the victims of racism, anti-Semitism or discrimination of a racist nature, that is based on the origin or affiliation or non-affiliation, real or supposed, to an ethnic group, nation, race, religion or place of residence; as such, the association informs victims about the conditions of exercise and protection of their rights
  • In particular, the association is to assist victims of racism and discrimination; to defend the victims of genocide and crimes against humanity; to defend the moral interests and honour of the resistance and the deported; to defend the memory of slaves and the honour of their descendants
  • To take legal actions against acts or statements that are racist, anti-Semitic, challenging or advocating crimes against humanity, acts or statements inciting or advocating racism, antisemitism or crimes against humanity, acts or statements of discrimination due to the origin or affiliation or non-affiliation, real or supposed, to an ethnic group, nation, race, religion or place of residence.
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