Kat Lidantité Nasyonal Matinitjé (Carte d'identité nationale martiniquaise): National Martiniquais Identity Card

In 2010, the Mouvement International pour les Réparations (MIR) set up a site whereby the people of Martinique can obtain a national identity card to assert their primary identity as Martinquais and not French. While this card is not legally or internationally recognized, it nonetheless represents a challenge to the imposition of a French national identity upon people living in the Antilles. Applications are made online. The card is connected to separatist movements in Martinique (notably  and the desire to free the overseas departments from the continuation of French colonial rule, as outlined in the 'National Charter'. An official ceremony accompanies the distribution of these cards, which is linked to various resistance movements against French slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. 

Start date: 
2010CE Dec 20th