Cross-Company Relay Race 27 May

The Relais Inter-Entreprises is a relay race initiated by the companies CE RFO and the CMCAS EDF in 1998 to commemorate the anniversary of the abolition of slavery. The race opposes two Guadeloupean city teams composed of 21 torchbearers, each of them running a distance of around 3 km. Traditionally, the association Relais Inter-Entreprises organizes its race on the 27th May each year. It is a sporting event, but also a cultural and historical event commemorating the 1848 abolition of slavery.

The aim of the Relais Inter-Entreprises du 27 mai is:

  •  To commemorate the abolition of slavery through a relay race between two companies.
Start date: 
Chaque année, une course-relais est organisée pour commémorer l'abolition de l'esclavage