Court case: Georges Frêche and Ségolène Royal

On 17th November 2006, the Parti Socialiste (PS) minister, Georges Frêche, made a controversial comment relating to the ethnic composition of the French football team. He stated that 'In this team, nine out of eleven players are Blacks. The norm would be more like three or four. That would reflect society. But if there are so many, it's because the Whites are rubbish. I'm ashamed of this country. Soon there will be eleven Blacks. When I see some football teams, it really hurts'. In response, the association CollectifDom lodged a formal complaint against Frêche for inciting racial hatred and immediately called for his resignation. Ségolène Royal, then leader of the PS, offered no immediate response to Frêche's words, happy to consign the matter to the Commmission nationale des conflits du PS. The date for his case was set for 27 January 2007. Meanwhile, Frêche offered to take a break from the PS so as not to disrupt Royal's election campaign against Sarkozy, a decision that she approved seeing it as a way of closing the matter. Occurring just before Royal's planned visit to the French Antilles, CollectifDom reacted by threatening to organize a general demonstration in response to the PS's and Royal's refusal to formally expel Frêche from the party. This potential disruption was allayed with negotiations being relayed through Victorin Lurel, the president of the Conseil Régional in Guadeloupe and a member of Royal's election team. These negociations allowed Royal to visit the Antilles without any public disrution, but on the proviso that the PS would subsequently exclude Frêche upon her return. Frêche's formal exclusion occurred on 27 January 2007, signalling a key victory for CollectifDom.

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2006CE Nov 17th
Georges Frêche was formally excluded from the PS.